You may have heard of the term “cosmetic dentist,” but maybe you’re unsure what this classification refers to. What types of procedures does this type of professional perform? Will a cosmetic dentist in Atlanta still be able to provide the more typical forms of dental care like cleanings and fillings? Read on to get answers to these and other questions while discovering how you can enjoy a beautiful new smile!

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of care that primarily focuses on the aesthetics of your smile. Along with having the shape, size and shade of your teeth improved, you can also have troublesome gaps, misalignments, chips or other smile flaws addressed through cosmetic dentistry.

Before any care is rendered, though, you’ll first meet with your cosmetic dentist for an examination and to ask any questions you may have. Then, you and the professional will decide on which procedure is best suited to meet your smile desires.

The Magic of Porcelain Veneers

One of the simplest and most effective ways to rejuvenate your smile is the porcelain veneers method. The process involves the usage of thin, porcelain shells to mask a myriad of smile blemishes. The procedure starts with your cosmetic dentist removing a small amount of enamel and capturing bite impressions, followed by the placement of temporary veneers.

Then, he or she will send a complete smile design to a trusted ceramist who will fabricate your permanent veneers. Once they’re ready, you’ll be invited back to have them placed, leaving you with a brand-new smile!

The Advantages of Metal-Free Crowns

While cosmetic dentistry can do wonders for your appearance, the treatment methods aren’t just geared toward aesthetics. An example of a process that provides dual benefits is the placement of metal-free crowns.

If a current crown is weak, worn beyond repair or missing, a metal-free crown is an excellent solution. Made from tooth-colored porcelain, the fixture can be used to fix a damaged tooth, or it can serve as a replacement, while allowing you to maintain a natural-looking smile.

Bye-Bye to Stains with Teeth Whitening

Stained teeth can be embarrassing, and they can leave you with a more aged look. Thankfully, with the advanced stain-lifting formulas provided through the Opalescence whitening system, you can have teeth that are several shades lighter in just one hour!

It’s More Than Just Cosmetics

A final thought to keep in mind about a cosmetic dentist is that his or her first priority is always your oral health. Thus, before any smile beautification takes place, you’ll be provided with the general dental care necessary to maintain healthy and functional teeth and gums.

Then, with the help of your cosmetic dentist, you’ll have a functional and stunning smile for years to come!

About the Author

Dr. Marilyn Gaylor is a graduate of the University of Tennessee School of Dentistry. As part of her dedication to providing the best care, she remains an avid learner, participating in continuing education courses from such institutions as the Spear Institute, Pankey Institute and Dawson Academy. An accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Gaylor provides top-notch aesthetic dental care at Cosmetic Dentistry of Atlanta, and she can be reached for more information through her website.