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Are you wanting to finally replace silver fillings or rebuild worn and damaged tooth enamel? Is there a small chip in the enamel or thin gap between teeth that keeps drawing your attention and dampening your self-image? Cosmetic bonding is an excellent service for patients who are prioritizing speed and convenience as they pursue lasting smile improvements. In most cases, Dr. Gaylor can complete your treatment in just one appointment. The durable bonding material is applied directly to the tooth structure and sculpted into place with a detail-oriented touch so that it becomes a pleasing, subtle addition that blends right in. Because dental bonding is a technique sensitive procedure, you want the best treating your teeth.

Dr. Gaylor’s expertise and skills in dental bonding will give you precise and durable results for a long-lasting healthy smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry of Atlanta

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Experience the perfect combination of cosmetic artistry and long-term durability at Cosmetic Dentistry. We collaborate with Atlanta’s finest oral surgeons and periodontists, ensuring comprehensive care. Utilizing advanced digital technology, we provide optimal treatment planning for outstanding results. Trust us to create your dream smile.

Cosmetic Bonding

Before attaching veneers, we will use bonding to repair any spots, fractures, chips or cracks, alter the appearance of crooked teeth and to whiten teeth in order to prep your teeth for the best veneer placement possible. At Cosmetic Dentistry of Atlanta we take care and attention with each smile and put forth procedures to make sure the results are a healthy, natural looking smile. Dr. Gaylor’s expertise in bonding ensures you the best cosmetic results for your smile.

Bonding Before & After Photos

Beautiful Cosmetic Bonding before photo
Cosmetic Bonding - after photo


Dental Bonding procedures are used for restorations and cosmetic bonding. This includes fillings, repairs of chips and cracks and no-prep veneers. If you have more serious damages to your teeth we are happy to consult with you to provide different options for repairs.

Bonding materials are made of plastic and while materials are advancing there are still many drawbacks to plastic as a restorative material. Because plastics are porous, they absorb stain so bonding may require more teeth maintenance such as polishing, stain removal or chip repair. If these are concerns, Cosmetic Dentistry of Atlanta can recommend porcelain veneers as an alternative method of improving your smile.

If you need to repair deeper damages on your teeth such as large fillings, cavities, fractures or cracks a porcelain filling may be a better option. In this case we would use a tooth-colored filling to restore your teeth. Many people have concerns about sensitivity with these types of fillings but at Cosmetic Dentistry of Atlanta we have the best expertise to deliver you precise and detailed results. We are constantly educating ourselves on the best new technologies and latest practices to provide you with the healthiest and most precise results for your smile.

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