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Gum disease (also known as periodontal disease) is a highly common infection that can negatively impact not only your confident teeth, but your overall health as well. That’s why early intervention is so critical, and why Dr. Gaylor provides in-depth screenings as a part of every routine dental checkup here in the Atlanta community. She will assess the oral tissue for tell-tale signs of damage, including bleeding, swollenness, and red discoloration. If needed, therapy can be provided to revitalize the oral structures and banish bacterial buildup in lasting ways. Contact our dental office today to get started – we are here to help you smile brighter.

Atlanta Gum Disease Treatment

Why Choose Us for Gum Disease Treatment?

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Deep Cleaning Treatment

Scaling & Root Planing

When professional hygiene is no longer enough to halt the damaging effects of gum disease, our team will need to take a stronger, more in-depth approach. This is accomplished through scaling and root planing, which is a dedicated cleaning that has two distinct components. First, we will target the accumulations of plaque and tartar that have developed along and underneath the gum line, removing them in a thorough fashion through “scaling.” Then, we will turn our attention to the tooth root surfaces, which can become rough over time and attract infectious bacteria. By smoothing these areas through “root planing,” we can minimize your risk of further inflammation and help the gum tissue reattach to the teeth more successfully.

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Treat Peridontal Breakdown

Antibiotic Therapy

Antibiotic therapy is often recommended as a helpful supplement to scaling and root planing. This medication will be applied directly to the gum tissue and periodontal pockets, working to eliminate stray traces of damaging bacteria that may have been inadvertently left in place during the initial procedure. These antibiotics can have a lingering positive effect on oral health for days and even weeks following your appointment.

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