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Gum Recontouring

Oftentimes, our patients feel unhappy with their smile not because of the teeth themselves, but because of the gum tissue that surrounds them. Excessive overgrowths of tissue can result in symmetrical imbalances and an overly “gummy” appearance that doesn’t project the polished, self-confident image patients want and deserve. Thankfully, our team can provide aesthetic gum recontouring, which eliminates unnecessary structure and reveals more of your beautiful teeth to create a better-proportioned appearance.

A gummy smile can be a result of many factors including braces, hormonal changes, or side-effect of certain medications. Many times the gums are overlooked, but they are a large portion of your smile’s appearance. At Cosmetic Dentistry of Atlanta we want people to feel as confident in their smile as possible. We understand many of the causes of a gummy smile are out of your control and our expert Dr. Gaylor would love to build your confidence by helping your teeth reach a better proportioned appearance.

While the laser is one option for gum contouring, it is not suited for all cases. If you are missing considerable amounts of gum material we suggest your schedule a consultation with us to pursue other alternatives. Regardless there are many solutions to creating the perfect proportions for your tooth-gum balance. During your consultation we will take measurements to examine your biological width (the amount of gum present around your teeth) as well as digital photos to determine our best options for helping you achieve the smile you desire.

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Cosmetic Dentistry of Atlanta

Why Choose us for Gum Lifts?

At Cosmetic Dentistry of Atlanta, we pride ourselves on offering the ideal blend of cosmetic artistry and long-term durability for our patients. Our commitment to excellence extends to our partnerships with Atlanta’s best oral surgeons and periodontists, ensuring that you receive comprehensive and top-notch dental care.

To provide you with the best possible treatment outcomes, we leverage advanced digital technology for optimal treatment planning. This cutting-edge approach allows us to precisely tailor treatment plans to your unique needs and goals, ensuring a personalized and effective dental experience.

At our practice, we believe that your smile is a work of art, and we are dedicated to enhancing it with the highest level of skill and care. By combining artistry, durability, and technology, we strive to deliver exceptional results that leave you with a beautiful, healthy, and confident smile. Trust us to be your partner in achieving your dental dreams.

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