Preventive Dental Care

You Deserve Lifelong Oral Health

Maintaining optimal oral health through preventative dental care is essential for overall well-being, as the mouth serves as a gateway to the body. Regular dental check-ups, good oral hygiene practices, and a healthy lifestyle form the foundation for preventing dental issues and promoting comprehensive health.

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While Dr. Gaylor is more than capable of treating dental damage for her valued patients through quality restorative and cosmetic dentistry services, she’d prefer to help you avoid this need in the first place with the staying power of comprehensive preventive dental care. Cavities, infections, and similar oral health concerns develop at a gradual pace, and through dedicated dental checkups and teeth cleanings, our team will be able to diagnose and treat them in their most harmless stages. As a result, you may save a great deal of time and cost later down the road!

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Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Ideally, every patient should plan to attend a professional teeth cleaning and dental checkup every six months on average, or twice in a calendar year. During this appointment, you will receive a thorough assessment of your oral health, including the tooth surfaces, the gum tissue, existing restorations, the TMJ, your overall bite, and much more. We will also review your at-home oral care routine and determine if adjustments should be made, providing instruction where necessary. Healthy habits (including brushing in the mornings and evenings and flossing daily) are very important and should be well-maintained over the course of one’s life.

Oral Cancer Screening

Tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year, and a startling portion of these cases, unfortunately, end in premature death. This is because symptoms are often overlooked or misdiagnosed until the condition has already reached advanced stages. Your dentist can be the first line of defense against oral cancer, and Dr. Gaylor takes this responsibility very seriously here in Atlanta. She will screen the oral tissue for signs of abnormalities (such as discoloration, suspicious sores, and more) during routine checkups and arrange biopsies as needed to test for cancerous cells.

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Fluoride Treatment

Exposure to fluoride from a young age can have significant positive effects on a person’s oral health, aiding with the remineralization process of enamel and reducing the overall likelihood of cavities. If you and your loved ones aren’t receiving this important exposure through diet or water consumption (you may prefer bottled water, for instance), professional applications are available here in our Atlanta office as well. This process takes minutes at most, and patients can immediately return to their regular routine afterward.

Dental Sealants

The premolars and molars in the back of the mouth are particularly susceptible to tooth decay because of their difficult positions, especially for younger patients. Dental sealants can provide lasting protection by covering the deep chewing grooves of these teeth with a thin, tough barrier that prevents food particles from sticking in place. The application process is fast and painless, and the sealants can stay in place for several years at a time with the help of diligent oral hygiene at home.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Bruxism is the proper term for habitual teeth grinding, which can cause worn tooth enamel, painful headaches, and chronic jaw discomfort over time. Many patients aren’t even aware of the cause behind these symptoms because they only grind and clench their teeth while sleeping. At Cosmetic Dentistry of Atlanta, Dr. Gaylor will screen for untreated bruxism during routine checkups and can provide a customized nightguard if needed to protect the rows of teeth comfortably.

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