No-Prep Veneers

I’ve heard about no-prep veneers. What are they?

Dr. Gaylor loves staying on the forefront of new innovations in the dental industry. Cosmetic Dentistry of Atlanta offers the most advanced dental restoration: no-prep veneers.

With no-prep veneers, Dr. Gaylor can create very thin veneers that require absolutely no tooth structure removal.

There is a similar product on the market called Lumineers®, but they differ from no-prep veneers. No-prep veneers are created by using artistic layers and colors that mimic a real, natural tooth, whereas Lumineers uses a single colored application.

Therefore, no-prep veneers create a natural, flawless smile. Patients are very happy with the no-prep veneers procedure since the natural tooth structure remains unaltered, and since anesthesia and sedation are not required.

No-prep veneers are incredibly useful for patients whose teeth are too small (because of advanced wear or genetics). Now you can enjoy the conservative nature of bonding while benefiting from the durability and beauty of porcelain veneers.

No-prep veneers in Atlanta, GA

If you are unhappy with your smile, call us today. Our experienced cosmetic dentist loves creating beautiful, healthy smiles. We look forward to helping you regain confidence by creating your flawless smile.


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